Find Information

How to start searching?

Many questions have already been discussed and debated in our forum in recent years.
Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to use the search function first before creating a new topic with similar content.

To do this, first click on the search field at the top right and enter the relevant keywords.
*, & or similar placeholders are not needed. Upper/lower case is also not relevant.
As you type, you will receive suggestions for corresponding topic titles (= subject of forum topics). User names or calendar entries may also be displayed.

If you don't find any suitable results or want to search even deeper into the individual posts/messages from users, press "Enter" in the search field and enter our search page.
Now be sure to open the dropdown to “Advanced filters” to see all filter functions.
Depending on the page from which the search was opened, a filter may already be active for the last opened topic.
Uncheck the box if you want to search across all topics in the forum. Attention: In this search function, the wildcard * is required to find parts of words.

In this way, many questions should be able to be answered quickly without a new topic.
If you don't find the right information despite an intensive search, the molding experts will be happy to answer your question in the forum.