Automatic inserts (for threads)

  • Dear members,

    unfortunately I speak a few German, but may be could help me.
    We have the below product, a for this need threads from 3 different way. Currently we are using screw-inserts which handled manually.
    We plan to change to automatical one.
    Somebody had met with similar application? (3 different-ways)

    thanks in advance

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    Original von egyed

    Liebe Mitglieder,

    leider spreche ich wenig deutsch, aber vielleicht könnt ihr mir helfen. Das untengenannte Produkt besitzt 3 unterschiedliche Gewinde. Zur Zeit verwenden wir Schraub-Einsätze um die Gewinde manuell herzustellen. Wir planen dies zu automatisieren. Hat jemand ähnliche Anwendungen?

    Dank im Voraus

    to what extent do you want to change the production of the threads? You want to again-build if necessarily the mould.

  • hello,

    sorry for late response, but was out of office, and hadn't acces.
    So we are thinking in two ways.

    1. Or buid up a new tool. For this would be fine any reference, where is working fine.

    2. Change the current tool. Means modify, if possible.

    My question is, if you meet with similar application, or you have idea, how could it work properly, please share with me.

    thanks in advance your help,
    best regards

  • Hello,

    Both ways are possible.

    Please, answer a few questions:
    1. Are the threads formed out of plastic, thus into the part or are it insertion hurry made of metal?
    2. It is with a handling to be possibly inserted or is a nuclear course the thread to spindle.

  • hello,

    thanks your answer. So for your questions:
    1.) the threads are formed out by plastic. It means we insert the metal elements onto the mould-tool, then injection mould, then after removing the part from tool, remove the 3 metal inserts ASAP. So with this way get the 3 threads-holes.

    2.) We insert the metals by hand into the mould-tool, and also remove them (after moulding) by hand. We would like to atomatize this process, hopefully in a new tool-construction. For this need any hints.

    thanks a lot

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